For the Beauty of the Earth – A gallery exhibit

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I have printed and framed 32 of my favorite landscape photos for my first gallery exhibit.  The prints will be on display in the Tate Gallery at: Christ Congregational Church 9525 Colesville Road Silver Spring, MD 20901 and will run from October 1, 2013 through November 30, 2013.  If you are interested in viewing it, please call 301-585-8010 for viewing hours. The title of the exhibit is For the Beauty of the Earth.  For the Beauty of the Earth is one of the first hymns I learned in Sunday school as a child.  I still get choked up when singing it, undoubtedly because it taps into tender...

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Digitizing 35 mm Slides

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In June 1970 I completed three months of counter-insurgency and Vietnamese language training at the U.S. Naval Amphibious Base, Coronado, California, and flew across the Pacific to Danang, Republic of Vietnam, and from there by helicopter to Coastal Group 12, a remote outpost of the Vietnamese Navy, to serve as senior naval advisor to Lieutenant Loc, the commanding officer of the base.  Coastal Group 12 was located in a circular fort built by the French near the village of Thuan An, where the Perfume River flows into the South China Sea.  To the west is Hue, the ancient capital and site of...

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Creating an Action Portrait

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Last month my son and daughter-in-law said they wanted some new photos of their two children for framing and mounting on their dining room wall.  They asked me if I had taken any shots recently that might be good candidates.  I knew that I had three or four good ones of our grandson but none of our granddaughter that I thought were suitable.  A couple of weeks ago my wife and I spent a long weekend with them, and I took the opportunity to take some shots of our granddaughter.  Actually, I took a lot of shots.  The trick, of course, is to take many shots and hope that one or two of them...

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Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra Photography Workshop

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The first sight of the Mono Lake Basin when approaching from the north occurs after cresting Conway Summit (8,138 ft above sea level).  The view is spectacular, as illustrated by the photo below.  The elevation of the lake is about 1,756 ft lower than Conway Summit.    Mono Basin Viewed from Conway Summit I arrived in Reno, NV about 3:00 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 12, rented a car, and headed south on US 395.  The distance from Reno to Mono Lake at Lee Vining, CA is 142 miles.  The drive took about three hours, including a stop in Carson City for a delicious curried chicken dinner at a...

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Getting Serious About Photography

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Like my first kiss, I remember the date when and the place where I became serious about digital photography: September 10, 2010, Pacifica, California.  Acting on the recommendation of Mike Collette, founder and CEO of Better Light, Inc. (, whom I had met in February 2010 at a Better Light user’s workshop in San Carlos, California, I signed up for a two-day Photoshop and Photography class with photographer Stephen Johnson at his studio in Pacifica, California.  Stephen asked that we bring examples of our photographic work, preferably in RAW image format.  That meant I...

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